The Roving Butcher was founded because nose-to-tail butcher Jake Levin saw that there was a lot of high-quality pastured animals being raised in the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, and the Pioneer Valley. And, that there was a lot of enthusiasm and desire on the part of farmers, chefs, and homesteaders to get those animals onto their plate. But there was a big disconnect for most people in how to get the animal from the pasture and on to their plate.

The process of bringing an animal from the pasture to the plate is complicated and overwhelming for many people. From where or how to have the animals slaughtered to breaking-down whole-carcasses to portioned, cook-friendly cuts. From trying to figure out what the yields from the carcasses are to knowing how to get the most value out of that carcass.  From fresh cuts to cured meats.

We want to make the process transparent and give people the tools they need to navigate the process. We work closely with farmers, restaurants and individuals to help figure out all and any parts of that system that they want learn.

We encourage people with all levels of experience and skill to learn more about this system. We have taught High School students, chefs,  home cooks, hunters, farmers, aspiring meat cutters, and more.

Ultimately the more we all know about how our food systems work the more empowered we are the change the system for the better.